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The overriding advantage of home trade over foreign trade is ______ 

A. accessibility of seller to buyer
B. absence of many documents
C. ease in language of transaction
D. ease in form of payment

Which of the following statements is TRUE about sea transport.

A. All ships have specific routes to ply
B. All ships must be insured at every journey.
C. All ships are insured separately from the crew.
D. All ships normally arrive at their destination with goods

Which of the following involves foreign trade?  

A. Supermarkets     B. Chain Stores      C. Departmental stores      D. Commodity market

The term ‘5 Net 7’ on an invoice means that ______ 

A. 5% discount will be allowed on the price charged if payment is made within seven days
B. 5% discount will be allowed on the price charged if payment is made after seven days
C. 5% surcharge will be made unless payment is made within seven days
D. 5% discount will be allowed on the price charged only if the goods are bought within seven days

The mode of transportation that is noted for on time dependability and low cost per unit on goods carried is _______

A. pipeline     B. air    C. rail      D. road

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