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The least of the advantages of indigenization is that _____ 

A. the standard of living of the indigenes is improved
B. the economy is controlled by the nationals
C. entrepreneurial skill is developed
D. foreigner’s domination is avoided

A common element in all contracts is ______ 

A. consideration     B. agreement     C. offer     D. acceptance

The activities of consumers’ association in Nigeria have not been effective because _______ 

A. the consumers are many
B. the government is not favourably disposed towards consumerism
C. there is poor enlightenment about consumer rights
D. the consumers have no medium for expressing their feelings

An example of a consumer protection agency ¡s the ______ 

A. Nigerian Bar Association
B. Nigerian Medical Association
C. Federal Environmental Protection Agency
D. Manufacturers Association of Nigeria

After registration, a certificate of trading is usually issued to a _____ 

A. partnership     B. private company     C. public company    D. sole proprietorship

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