UTME/SSCE Chemistry Practice Tests – Metals and their Compounds

Chemistry Practice Tests – Metals and their Compounds

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The alloy used as gold dental contains gold plus _______

A. lead and tin.     B. iron and carbon.    C. copper and silver     D. aluminium and copper

Which of the following metals can be prepared in samples by the thermal decomposition of their trioxonitrate (V) salts?

A. Copper and mercury.
B. Silver and copper.
C. Mercury and silver.
D. Magnesium and mercury

A greenish coating develops on copper utensils due to formation of _____

(a) CuCO3      (b) Cu(OH)2       (c) Cu(OH)2.CuCO3      (d) CuO

Metals react with oxygen to form any of these oxides except ______

A. acidic oxides.     B. basic oxides.    C. peroxides.     D. amphoteric oxides

An element A is soft and can be cut with a knife. This is very reactive to air and cannot be kept open in air. It reacts vigorously with water.

Identify the element from the following:

(a) Mg   (b) Na   (c) Al   (d) Ca

The function of fluorspar in the electrolytic reduction of alumina dissolved in fused cryolite [Na3AlF6] is _______

(a) as a catalyst
(b) to lower the temperature of the melt and to make fused mixture very conducting.
(c) to decrease the rate of oxidation of carbon at the anode.
(d) none of the above

Litharge is an ore containing _______

A. lithium    B. lead.    C. copper.    D. Aluminium

Dentist amalgam is an alloy containing _____ and ______

A. mercury and copper.        B. copper and lead.       C. copper and tin.       D. silver and copper.

Which of these is a peroxide?

A. Na2O2.     B. Pb3O4.       C. Fe2O3.     D. Al2O3

The most common process in the extraction of metals from their ore is _______

(a) catalysis.     (b) electrolysis.    (c) oxidation.    (d) reduction

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