Chemistry Practice Test – Water

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Hardness of water is mainly due to the presence of _____ (JAMB 2011)

A. calcium chloride or sodium chloride salts.
B. calcium hydroxide or magnesium hydroxide.
C. calcium trioxocarbonate (IV) or calcium tetraoxosulphate (VI)
D. sodium hydroxide or magnesium hydroxide.


The importance of sodium aluminate (III) in the treatment of water is to _____ (JAMB 2011)

A. kill germs
B. cause coagulation
C. neutralise acidity
D. prevent goiter and tooth decay


Which of the following is a deliquescent compound? (JAMB 2011)

A. Na2CO3.10H2O
B. Na2CO3
C. CaCl2
D. CuO


Chlorination of water for town supply is carried out to _____ (JAMB 2012)

A. make the water colourless
B. remove germ from the water
C make the water tasteful
D. remove odour from the water


Permanent hardness of water can be removed by _______ (JAMB 2010)

A. adding caustic soda
B. boiling
C. filtration
D. adding slaked lime.



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