Chemistry Practice Test – Separating Techniques for Mixtures

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The following are examples of chemical changes EXCEPT _____

A. burning of woods      B. fermentation       C. freezing of liquids to solids      D. electrolysis

The diagram above is the filtration of mixture of sand and water.

Identify figure A in the diagram above.

A. cup     B. water     C. filter paper     D. filtrate

Identify the figure labeled B in the diagram above.

A. tripod stand       B. retort stand       C. chair      D. cooking table

The separating technique illustrated in the diagram above can be used to separate ____

A. salt and oil       B. water and sand       C. salt and water       D. none of the above.

The following are examples of chemical changes EXCEPT _____

A. melting of solids to liquids  
B. dissolution of metals in acids  
C. rusting of iron  
D. decay of substances

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