Chemistry Practice Test – Metals and their Compounds

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A greenish coating develops on copper utensils due to formation of _____

(a) CuCO3      (b) Cu(OH)2       (c) Cu(OH)2.CuCO3      (d) CuO

The best way of distinguishing between NaHCO3 and Na2CO3 is by ______

A. heating.     B. adding an alkali        C. adding an acid     D. exposing to air

The order of reactivity of five metals is as indicated below

P> Q> R > S > T

Which of the reactions represented by the following equations can occur spontaneously?

I.  T + P+  P + T+
II. R + Q+  Q + R+
III. Q + T+ T + Q+IV. P + R+ R + P+

A. I and II       B. II and III       C. I, II and III       D. III and IV

Sodium amalgam can be described as an alloy of sodium and _______

A. copper.    B. mercury.    C. magnesium.    D. silver

Which of these is not an alloy of lead?

A. soft solder     B. pewter     C. type metal.     D. manganin


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