Chemistry Practice Test – Metals and their Compounds

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The best way of distinguishing between NaHCO3 and Na2CO3 is by ______

A. heating.     B. adding an alkali        C. adding an acid     D. exposing to air

Metallic elements that give coloured salts in aqueous solution are called _______

A. alkali metals.     B. transition elements.       C. S-block metals.    D. noble elements

Dentist amalgam is an alloy containing _____ and ______

A. mercury and copper.        B. copper and lead.       C. copper and tin.       D. silver and copper.

Which of the following metals can be prepared in samples by the thermal decomposition of their trioxonitrate (V) salts?

A. Copper and mercury.
B. Silver and copper.
C. Mercury and silver.
D. Magnesium and mercury

The most common process in the extraction of metals from their ore is _______

(a) catalysis.     (b) electrolysis.    (c) oxidation.    (d) reduction

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