Chemistry Practice Test: Electrolysis (Questions with Answers and Explanations)

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The function of zinc electrode in a galvanic cell is that it _____ (JAMB 2011)

A. uses up electrons
B. undergoes reduction
C. serves as the positive electrode
D. produces electrons.


A concentrated solution containing H+, Cu2+, OH- and Cl- was electrolysed using platinum electrodes. The ion that will be discharged at the cathode is _____ (JAMB 2005)

A. Cu2+     B. Cl-     C. H+      D. OH-


Calculate be amount in moles of silver deposited when 9650 C of electricity is passed through a solution of silver salt. (1F = 96500 C mol-1) (JAMB 2017)

A. 0.03      B. 10.80      C. 10.00      D. 0.10


The solution that will conduct the highest amount of electricity is ______ (JAMB 2006)

A. 2.0 moldm-3 of ethanoic acid
B. 0.5 moldm-3 ethanoic acid
C. 2.0 moldm-3 of hydrochloric acid
D. 0.5 moldm-3 of hydrochloric acid.


The acid used in electrolysis of water is dilute ______ (JAMB 2009)

A. HNO3   B. CH3COOH   C. H2SO4   D. HCI



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