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When element 20Y combines with element 8Z (WASSCE 2016)

 (a) a covalent compound, YZ is formed.
(b) a covalent compound, ZY is formed.
(c) an ionic compound, YZ is formed.
(d) an ionic compound, ZY is formed

The noble gases have been grouped in ________

(a) Group 4      (b) Group 3      (c) Group 1      (d) Group O

Hydrogen bonds are formed between molecules containing a hydrogen atom bonded to a _______ (WASSCE)

(a) strongly electronegative atom.
(b) nonpolar species.
(c) diatomic element.
(d) complex ion

Which of the following metals has the strongest metallic bond? (WASSCE 2017)

(a) 19K      (b) 13Al      (c) 12Mg      (d) 11Na

What type of bonding exists between potassium and chlorine in each of the Chlorides?

(a) Metallic bonding      (b) Ionic bonding      (c) Dative bonding      (d) Covalent bonding

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