Chemistry Practice Test – Carbon and its Compounds (Questions with Answers and Explanations)

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Graphite is used as a dry, lubricant due to the presence of ______ (WASSCE 2022)

A. mobile electrons.
B. free electrons.
C. octahedral structures.
D. layered structures.


The refreshing characteristic taste of fizzy drinks is due to the presence of _____ (WASSCE 2016)

A. carbon (IV) oxide.
B. glucose.
C. hydrogen.
D. sodium citrate.


The fuel gas labelled L is ______ (JAMB 2007)

A. hydrogen
B. water gas
C. carbon(IV) oxide
D. nitrogen


Which of these statements is TRUE about carbon (IV) oxide? (JAMB 1992)

A. It supports combustion
B. It is strongly acidic in water
C. It is very soluble in water
D. It supports the burning of magnesium to produce magnesium oxide


Diamond does not conduct electricity because it _____ (WASSCE 2008)

A. has no free valence electrons.
B. is a giant molecule.
C. contains no bonded electrons
D. is a solid at room temperature



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