UTME/SSCE Biology Practice Tests – The Transport Systems

Biology Practice Tests – The Transport Systems

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The hepatic portal vein is often heavily loaded with food-nutrients because it carries blood

A. directly from the heart.
B. from the liver to the heart
C. from the small intestine to the liver
D. from the liver to join the posterior vena cava.

The primary structure responsible for pumping blood for circulation through the mammalian circulatory systems is the _______

A. veins      B. right auricle      C. arteries      D. left ventricle

The experiment is used to demonstrate that ______

A. plants lose water through guttation
B. transpiration occurs through the leaves
C. water is necessary for photosynthesis
D. leaves are important to photosynthesis

Which of these factors does not contribute towards the ascent of water in plants?

A. Root pressure      B. Capillarity      C. Transpiration pull      D. Turgor pressure

Use the diagram below to answer the question.

In plant cells the role of the membrane is played by the ______

A. nucleolus.      B. cell wall.      C. cytoplasm.      D. mitochondrion.

In the experiment, the layer of oil serves to prevent water loss by ______

A. transpiration      B. evaporation      C. osmosis      D. guttation

The organ that receives reduced flow of blood during vigorous exercise is the _____

A. brain      B. heart.      C. lung.     D. limb.

Green plants lose water to the atmosphere through the process of ______

A. respiration     B. photosynthesis     C. transpiration     D. translocation.

Which of the following features is not characteristic of arteries? Arteries _______

A. possess valves at intervals throughout their length.
B. have thick, muscular and elastic walls.
C. carry blood away from the heart.
D. transport oxygenated blood with the exception of the pulmonary artery.

Which of the following treatments would increase the rate of transpiration in a potted plant?

A. Placing it in a cold room
B. Placing it under a fan in a room
C. Puffing it in a cupboard
D. Smearing grease on the lower surface of the leaves

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