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Which of the following food substances would produce a translucent mark when rubbed on a white paper'?

A. Potato     B. Beans     C. Mango     D. Groundnut

A man suffering from obesity must avoid meals containing ______

A. margarine and butter.      B. rice and beans.      C. carrots and oranges.      D. beef and fish

The following organisms are producers except _____

A. Hibiscus.    B. Mushroom.    C. Cactus.     D. Spirogyra

Which of the following elements is required in large amounts by plants?

A. Molybdenum     B. Boron     C. Copper     D. Phosphorus

Which of the following statements is not true of the light stage of photosynthesis'?

A. Chlorophyll is energized by sunlight.
B. Water molecules split into hydrogen and hydroxyl ions.
C. Carbon (IV) oxide is reduced by hydrogen atoms in NADPH;
D. Water is formed.

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