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A faster colour change of a dry cobalt chloride paper affixed to the lower surface of a leaf than the upper one, indicates that ______

A. sunlight slows down water loss from the upper surface.
B. the lower surface of the leaf has more stomata.
C. sunlight causes the stomata on the upper surface to close.
D. stomata are not present on the upper surface of a leaf.

Which of the following adaptation is not found in fruits and seeds dispersed by the wind?

A. small and light body      B. spongy coats      C. turfs of hairs      D. wings on pericarp

The aspect of growth in living organisms includes all the following processes except _____

A. increase in dry weight.
B. reversible increase in size.
C. irreversible increase in length.
D. increase in number of cells

Euglena can be classified as an animal because of the possession of _______

A. nucleus.    B. cytoplasm     C. cell wall.     D. pellicle.

The following life processes are common to both plants and animals except _____

A. respiration.      B. growth.      C. reproduction.      D. photosynthesis

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