Biology Practice Tests – Tissues and Supporting Systems

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Which of the following parts of the skeleton does not have a protective function?

A. Ribs      B. Carpals      C. Skull      D. Pelvis

The xylem elements perform the function of transport but they also help to support plants because they _____

A. are internally located
B. are tubular
C. have rigid thick walls
D. constantly absorb water

The longest bone in the body is the _______

A. humerus.      B. femur.      C. scapula.      D. tibia

The part labelled D of Specimen P is known as ________

A. glenoid cavity        B. coracoid process       C. scapula      D. spine of scapula

Which of the following joints allows the rotation of a bone on another?

A. Hinge joint       B. Ball and socket joint       C. Pivot joint       D. Sliding joint

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