Biology Practice Test – The Digestive System

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The villus in the small intestine is significant because it _____ (UTME 1990)

(a) increases the surface area for absorption
(b) increases the surface area for digestion
(c) assists in mixing digested food
(d) assists in filtering undigested food


If the gall bladder of a mammal is damaged, which of the following will be most seriously affected? (UTME 1988)

(a) glycolysis
(b) digestion of starch
(c) digestion of fats and oil
(d) digestion of proteins


The arrangements below are steps in protein digestion. Which is the correct sequence?

(UTME 1979)

c-amino acid,

(a) a-b-c-d
(b) c-d-a-b
(c) b-d-a-c
(d) a-d-b-c


Which of following animals has homodont dentition? (UTME 1990)

(a) rat      (b) man     (c) lizard     (d) pigeon


The figure below is the lower jaw of a mammal.

Which of the labelled parts is the diastema? (UTME 1993)

(a) 2     (b) 3      (c) 4      (d) 6



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