Biology Practice Test – Sense Organs (Questions with Answers and Explanations)

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The eye defect illustrated in the diagram above is ______ (WASSCE 2021)

A. hypermetropia.
B. astigmatism.
C. presbyopia.
D. myopia.

Which of the following parts of the eye contains light sensitive cells? (WASSCE 2012)

A. Choroid   B. Iris    C. Retina    D. Lens

When viewing an object that is close to the human eye, the ______ (WASSCE 2017)

A. eye lens becomes thin
B. ciliary muscles relax
C. suspensory ligaments become taut
D. eye lens become fat

Which of the following is an effector organ? (WASSCE 2011)

A. Tongue   B. Skin   C. Nose bridge   D. Ear glands.

The eyes can properly focus images of objects of various distances on the retina by a process called ______ (WASSCE 2008)

A. refraction
B. reflection
C. accommodation
D. correction



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