Biology Practice Tests – Plant and Animal Nutrition

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A food substance which produces red colouration with Sudan III contains ______ (JAMB 1985)

A. protein
B. sugar
C. starch
D. fat

Which of the following elements is essential for the formation of haemoglobin? (JAMB 1986)

A. sodium
B. potassium
C. calcium
D. iron

Which of the following teeth are well-developed to form the carnassial teeth of carnivorous mammals? The _______ (WASSCE 2004)

A. first lower premolar and third upper molar
B. first lower and third upper premolar
C. second lower premolar and first lower molar
D. first lower molar and last upper premolar

Nitrifying bacteria are important because they ________ (JAMB 1987)

A. release nitrogen to the atmosphere
B. convert atmospheric nitrogen to ammonia
C. combine ammonia with nitrogen
D. oxidize ammonium salts to nitrites

Study the following list of deficiency symptoms in animals, use it to answer the question below.

I. Loss of appetite and weight;
II. Delayed healing of wounds;
III. Rickets;
IV. Sterility in animals;
V. Failure of blood to clot;
VI. Night Blindness.

Which of the following deficiencies is caused by lack of vitamin A.

A. I     B. III     C. V     D. VI


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