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Which of the following juices contains the enzyme ptyalin?

A. Gastric juice     B. Pancreatic juice     C. Succus     D. Saliva

Which of the following substances has the highest amount of energy in joules per unit weight?

A. Carbohydrates     B. Proteins     C. Fats     D. Vitamins

The deficiency of vitamin D and calcium ions in the diet of a human causes ______

A. anaemia.     B. night-blindness.     C. kwashiokor.     D. rickets

The following organisms are producers except _____

A. Hibiscus.    B. Mushroom.    C. Cactus.     D. Spirogyra

The removal of all the phloem tissues of the stem of a plant close to the root system for a long period of time is likely to ______

A. provide more energy to the roots.
B. accumulate more starch in the roots
C. cause the underground roots to develop buds
D. cause the plant to wither and die.

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