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The mode of nutrition common to green plants is ______

A. autotrophic.     B. heterotrophic.     C. holozoic.     D. saprophytic.

The conversion of glucose to starch in the leaf during the day principally _____

A. enables photosynthesis
B. prevents osmotic problems.
C. enables the leaf to store the starch.
D. enables glucose to be used up.

The overall reaction in glycolysis can be summarised as _____

A. C6H12O6 —> C3H4O3 + 4H + ATP
B. C6H12O6 —> 2C3H4O6 + 4H + 2ATP
C. C6H12O6 —> 2C3H4O3 + 4H + ADP
D. C6H12O6 —> 2C3H4O3 + 4H + 2ADP

Which of the following statements is not true of the light stage of photosynthesis'?

A. Chlorophyll is energized by sunlight.
B. Water molecules split into hydrogen and hydroxyl ions.
C. Carbon (IV) oxide is reduced by hydrogen atoms in NADPH;
D. Water is formed.

Which of the following pH values is the best for the action of the enzymes - renin and pepsin in the stomach?

A. pH 2      B. pH 7      C. pH 8      D. pH 9

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