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Which of the following structures produces the greatest variety of digestive enzymes?

A. Salivary glands     B. Pancreas     C. Stomach     D. Colon

Which of the following pH values is the best for the action of the enzymes - renin and pepsin in the stomach?

A. pH 2      B. pH 7      C. pH 8      D. pH 9

Which of the following food substances gives the least amount of calories?

A. Rice     B. Groundnuts     C. Cabbage     D. Egg yolk

In testing for starch in a leaf, the leaf is first boiled in water for about a minute so that the _____

A. cell walls are hardened.
B. cells are killed.
C. chlorophyll is dissolved out.
D. iodine will penetrate

An organism is considered a heterotroph when it ______

A. feeds on inorganic food.
B. feeds on already manufactured food
C. fixes atmospheric nitrogen.
D. respires anaerobically.

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