Biology Practice Test: Classification of Living Things (Questions with Answers and Explanations)

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In the binomial system of naming organism, the second name is called the _____ (WASSCE 2008)

A. scientific name
B. common name
C generic name
D. specific name


Which of the following characteristic features is not associated with monocotyledonous plants? (WASSCE 2015)

A. well differentiated sepals and petals
B. presence of fibrous root system
C. presence of narrow leaves
D. floral parts are in multiples of three


The classes of plants the root systems in diagrams I and II above represent respectively are _____ (WASSCE 2019)

A. dicotyledoneae and monocotyledoneae
B. monocotyledoneae and dicotyledoneae
C. dicotyledoneae and dicotyledoneae
D. monocotyledoneae and monocotyledoneae


In spirogyra, the pyrenoid ______ (JAMB 1985)

A. excretes waste products
B. is suspended by cytoplasmic strands
C. is mainly used for respiration
D. is used to form starch


The branch of Biology that deals with the principles of classification of organisms is known as ____ (WASSCE 2011)

A. biological index
B. nomenclature
C. taxonomy
D. ecology



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