This is ASSURE Educational Services, an online learning/assessment Nigeria company, licensed by the Corporate Affairs Commission (OG:26563) to conduct measurement/ evaluation activities for educational institutions and corporate organisations.
ASSURE is an instructional model developed by Heinch R., Molenda M. and Russel James (1985:33) in their book Instructional Media and the New Technologies of Instruction.

ASSURE is an acronym for:
A = Analyze learners characteristics
S = State Objectives
S = Select, modify or design materials
U = Utilize materials
R = Require learners response
E = Evaluate

ASSURE educational services will use the media to deliver instructions in the most effective way for the benefit of learners and lovers of education.

Vision Statement
To be the foremost educational services provider in Nigeria using the Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).

Mission Statement
To uplift the standard of education in Nigeria through quality teaching and assessment procedure, using virtual learning and assessment platform with the aid of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) devices.

Core Value
Pursuing new creative ideas that have the positive potential to change the teaching, learning and evaluation of learners.

Strategic Area of Focus
• School Management and Administration
• Students Counseling
• Teacher’s training and classroom management
• Installation and deployment of e-learning facilities
• Design and deployment of online assessment tests website for Schools, Colleges, Universities, professional bodies and recruiting agencies.
• Educational travels and tours.
• Course/Subject selection counseling for new entrant into colleges and higher institutions.
• Educational movies and exhibition.
• Raising future entrepreneurs from our colleges and higher institutions

Partner with us and you will be glad you did.

Mr. Olusola Ogundeko G.
Principal Consultant
ASSURE Educational Services

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